Unveiling Hope

A candid look behind the veil

The metamorphosis was almost complete for she was the guilt and shame, the bitterness and loneliness, the fearfulness and emptiness that pooled itself in the middle of the floor. Her very life force had all but slipped away, absorbing into the fibers of the carpet as she let go.

Through the window I looked gasping for breath. The heat choked me, gripping my throat, tightening its tentacles. He was finished with me; you were just getting started.   You rescued me with a brief, cool breeze – it penetrated the thickness of the dense air. You sent me hope – to prepare me. I …

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From the beginning, you had your sights set on me. You watched me from afar – every move – every single step, until you could predict my comings and goings. You moved in closer, only enough to hear the sound of my voice and my cries. Listening and watching a small girl . . .  …

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