About me …


Thanks for dropping by Unveiling Hope. I’m Hope.

Guess how many times I’ve re-written this “About Me” post? Never mind. Don’t waste your time; life is too precious. I have a lot to share. I have lived – let’s say – an interesting life if nothing else. Let me be frank; I have become adept at hiding, or trying to hide, the very things that I would like to encourage others about. That’s just messed up. I want to unveil that – come clean and get real.

My hope is in the Son of God, Jesus the Messiah, Yeshua haMashiach. As I unveil myself, I pray that I will be unveiling The Hope that is found in Him.

“About me” is more “About Him” and what He’s working on in me, and sometimes through me.

There is always Hope.





2 thoughts on “About me …

  1. Hi Hope 🙂 It’s so lovely to see you blogging again, and what a beautiful site this is!
    I love your heart to encourage others about how deeply we are loved and prized by God, and I pray the words of Isaiah 61, that through your posts, the Lord would ‘bring good news to the poor … comfort the brokenhearted … [and] give a crown of beauty for ashes.’
    With love and blessings to you,

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