Unveiling Hope

A candid look behind the veil

The waves surround me, thrashing me about – waiting for me to drink. Darkness closes in; I cannot see clearly. It lays in wait to blind me. Black clouds descend upon me, anticipating my final breath. The earth trembles beneath my feet. The world converges upon me, all of nature in its full force, nursing my surrender. Fear besieges me, prowling around like a hungry lion, waiting to devour its kill – to rob me of my peace. I am drowning; my way is losing. I cannot breathe.

I lament – begging and pleading with my God. I hear nothing. I am not comforted. The whispers and lies of the enemy want to destroy me; they become louder and louder.

I shout again, “No more is possible for me to bear my Lord!” And in this very moment, the battle of the world meets the battle of the Heavenlies – the army of the Lord. A still, small voice calls to me, “Do not be afraid. I am here.” The Spirit of life is breathed into me and I am filled with confidence. I am rescued! “You are my child and I will never leave you.” He speaks in truth. The waves relent at the sound of His voice. The light shines through the black clouds. The earth is stilled. The world is only the place where I am. My fear subsides. My peace gives me the breath of life. Silence is my friend. My way is found.

Praise to You God of Wonders! You are my God, the Most High, Creator of All Majesty. Praise be to You and You alone. From Your lips creation is formed and bows down before your Throne, Most Holy One. May you be honoured and glorified in all I do, in all I speak, in all my thoughts. Praise be to God who gives me breath and life each day.

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